Navigating Breast Cancer: Causes, Prevention, and Nutrition Insights

Breast cancer is comparatively common among women. There are several potential causes of breast cancer. Breast cancer is primarily caused by unhealthy nutrition. Breast cancer can harm men as well as women. However, it usually strikes women first. The best doctors are available at the best cancer hospital in Ludhiana, and they will guide you […]

What is the definition of breast cancer?

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In women, breast cancer is relatively prevalent. The cause of breast cancer can be attributed to multiple factors. Unhealthy eating is the primary cause of breast cancer. Although it primarily affects women, men can also develop breast cancer.  What is meant by breast cancer? While it can affect people of any gender, women are more […]

What does “male breast cancer” actually mean?

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Male breast cancer is an uncommon kind of disease that starts as cell growth in men’s breast tissue. Most people assume that women are more likely to develop breast cancer than men. However, some breast tissue is present in every newborn. Breast cancer can strike anyone. Breast cancer in men is uncommon. The best doctor […]

Define breast cancer.

Breast cancer is quite common in females. There are several reasons that are responsible for the cause of breast cancer. The leading cause of breast cancer is an unhealthy diet. Breast cancer is mostly noticed in females, but men are also affected by breast cancer.  What is breast cancer? Breast cancer can occur in both […]

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