Tummy Tuck Surgery in Ludhiana

tummy tuck surgery in ludhiana

What is a Tummy Tuck Surgery? It's Risk and Cost

Often, people are overweight. Being overweight, they get stressed and also demotivate about life. There are many reasons for being overweight, such as pregnancy, natural weight, aging, weight fluctuation, abdominal (stomach) surgery, etc. If you want to be in good shape, you can adopt surgical treatment. If you want to know about the surgery, then you can contact the hospital and ask for tummy tuck surgery in Ludhiana.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

The tummy tuck is similar to cosmetic surgery treatment, which helps the surgeon give the abdominal a perfect shape and appearance. This surgery is also known as abdominoplasty.

When a surgeon removes fat and extra skin from the stomach through a tummy tuck, you get in good shape after your stomach muscles are tightening. This treatment mostly happens to patients with loose stomach skin and weak stomach tissue due to a few reasons like pregnancy, changes in weight, and age.

Tummy tuck process through plastic surgery in which surgeons make a flatter and perfect tone to your stomach. If you have extra fat in your belly button, you can adopt tummy tuck surgery in India. This surgery removes all your extra fat and gives you a flatter stomach and good body shape.

Risk of Tummy Tuck Surgery

When you adopt surgical treatment, you know any surgery process takes some risks and complications. It is essential to know all the risks of the surgery.

Infection and Bleeding

When a surgeon performs tummy tuck, they consider carefully using the process so that it is minimal to get the infection by surgery but still have chances of infection. Something during surgery flows extra blood.


After taking surgery, it will leave some scars. If the scar is small, then it is hidden by clothes. But sometimes the scar length is big, so do not easily hide the scar.

Less Ability for Wound Healing

When you get treatment, sometimes that wound does not heal properly, but the surgeon gives antibiotics during treatment to reduce the risk of infection

Seroma or Blood Accumulation

Seroma ( fluid accumulation) and blood accumulation can come from under the skin. This surgery requires a drainage tube, which helps to reduce the extra fluid accumulation.

Damaged Tissue

Some tissue gets damaged when extra fat is removed from the belly button area during surgery. If you smoke, then you increase the risk of tissue damage. But sometimes tissue heals on its own time. If it does not, you can contact the doctor


When you visit for tummy tuck surgery, the surgeon examines such as:

Past Medical Report

Before surgery, the surgeon does a physical check and clicks the image of your stomach fat so you know your conditions before and after surgery.

Do Physical Exam

Before surgery, your surgeon checks your past medical record and also discusses the current procedure. You can take any medication treatment, or you can have any surgical treatment. If you have any medicine allergies, then you discuss the doctor. And also they ask about the causes of weight gain and loss.

Surgery Cost

Often, people adopt tummy tuck surgery to remove extra fat in the belly button. This treatment gets a high rate of successful treatment. This surgery cost depends on the type of surgery. Surgery is a little expensive. If you want to adopt the tummy tuck surgery, you can contact the hospital to ask about the tummy tuck surgery cost in Punjab. They give you proper details about the procedure and cost.

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