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What is Liposuction surgery? Treatment procedure and risk

Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery that helps remove extra fat from a particular body area. Using this surgery, you can reshape your body. A surgeon makes small cuts to the targeted area and makes it thin. This treatment is performed by those patients who find it difficult to reduce weight from exercise and diet, including areas like thighs, hips, arms and chins.
Important note
It is wrong if you think liposuction procedures help weight loss techniques. This procedure helps to reshape the body using cosmetic surgery. Liposuction is a surgical process. When you take surgery, you have some complications and risks after surgery. If you have extra fat in your thighs and you want it removed, then you go to the Union super speciality Hospital for liposuction Surgery in Ludhiana. Here, experts guide for the procedure and complications.
Risk for the liposuction procedure
When you decide to have liposuction surgery, experienced and skilled surgeons perform the surgery and help to reduce the extra fat from your body. Any surgical procedure carries potential risks and complications; there are some risks.


When surgeons cut the extra fat off the body, infection occurs, but surgeons use various techniques to reduce the risk of infection.


During liposuction, procedures minimize the bleeding. But sometimes, blood flows during the surgery. Flowing extra blood through the procedure creates a risk.

Bruising and inflammation

When you get liposuction surgery, it helps reduce the fat, but surgery sometimes leaves some bruises and swelling. They heal on their own time. If not, then you must visit the doctor.

Contour irregularities

Irregular contour can occur when inexperienced and unskilled surgeons perform your surgery. When skilled surgeons treat the aim, they give you a natural look.

Skin irregularities

Adopting liposuction surgery to remove fat changes skin texture, such as dimpling and loose skin.

Sensation changes

When a surgeon applies the surgery, they numb your body temporarily. Sometimes, this numbness is permanen

Fluid accumulation

Fluid accumulation located lower the skin or blood collected in the treated area.

Fat embolism

In some cases, fat is in the bloodstream, and surgery blocks the blood vessels while removing the fat from other organs such as the lungs, brain, and heart. That time created a major complication in surgery.

Anesthesia reaction

Some people negatively impact the body when a surgeon injects anesthesia.

Sensation change

In some cases, after surgery, breast sensation changes, such as some people feeling more sensation and some less. 


During the procedure, the surgeon cuts your skin to remove extra fat. But sometimes they need a small cut. If you have extra fat, you need a large cut. Small cuts are easily hidden, but long cuts are visible.

Skin discoloration

After Liposuction surgery, your skin is discolored but converts to your original skin tone after some time.

The procedure of liposuction surgery

There are some steps to use in liposuction surgery, such as 


When surgeons perform surgery on your body, they inject anesthesia so you are painless.  


Surgeons first make small cuts in your body to remove extra fat. Surgeons create a cut according to extra body fat for removal.

Tumescent solution

A surgeon injects local anesthesia into the cuts. It helps to reduce the bleeding and numbness during the surgery. 

Fat removal

Surgeons use thin hollow tubes to insert cuts to remove extra fat from the body. This thin hollow tube procedure is known as a cannula.


Surgeons use sculpting to reshape the area so you get an effective result after the surgery. 

Stitches cuts

After removing extra fat from your body, they close cut-through stitches. Stitches when needed. If cut a large, if small, then need to stitch.


After surgery, doctors provide garments and monitor the patient’s wounds. It helps reduce the swelling and heal wounds faster. To get an accurate estimate of liposuction surgery cost in Punjab, contact Union Superspeciality Hospital.

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