Constipation Treatment in Ludhiana

What Is Constipation?

A delay in bowel movement and having it less than three times a week is known as constipation. However, bowel movements also depend from person to person. Some people poop several times in one day, whereas there are others who only poop two to 3 times a week. The problem only occurs when you are drifting too much from your pattern, which leads to constipation.

With Union Superciality Hospital, you can get the best constipation treatment in Ludhiana and get back to the usual pattern of your bowel movements. Our outstanding services specialise in identifying the core reason for your delayed bowel movements and provide you with a perfect treatment with our expert constipation treatment doctor in Punjab

What Factors Define Constipation?

You are most likely to have constipation problems if:

  • The stools are dry and hard.
  • The bowel movements are painful, and the stool is hard to pass. 
  • You feel you have not emptied the bowels.
How Does Constipation Happen?

Constipation takes place when the colon, also known as the large intestine, absorbs too much water from your poop. Too much absorption of water makes the poop hard and causes difficulty in pushing it out of the body. The constipation treatment doctor in Punjab at Union Speciality Hospital conducts a thorough assessment of your body to diagnose the problem of the delayed bowel and provides a solution that fits your condition well.

We aim to offer trustworthy and reliable services catered with utmost care to the patients to make the process of treatment for them as comfortable as possible. Our professional team members ensure a smooth communication flow with the patient to rule out any errors during the treatment.

What Causes Constipation?

There are many factors that can lead to constipation, such as lifestyle, medications and medical conditions, which can be treated with the best constipation treatment in Ludhiana

Lifestyle Factors

Some of the most common lifestyle causes of constipation include:

  • Not consuming enough fibre.
  • Do not keep yourself hydrated.
  • Not getting enough exercise.
  • Changes in your routine are caused by travelling, eating, or going to sleep at different times.
  • Eating large amounts of cheese and milk. 
  • Stress.
  • Avoiding the urge to have a bowel movement.


Medications that can lead to constipation problems include:

  • Strong medicines for pain relief, such as narcotics containing codeine, oxycodone and hydromorphone.
  • Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). 
  • Antidepressants.
  • Antacids.
  • Iron pills.
  • Allergy medications.
  • Certain blood pressure medicines.
  • Psychiatric medicines.
  • Anti-seizure medications.
  • Antinausea medications.

Medical Conditions

Medical and health conditions that can result in constipation include:

  • Endocrine conditions include an underactive thyroid gland, diabetes, etc. 
  • Colorectal cancer.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome.
  • Diverticulitis.
  • Outlet dysfunction constipation.
  • And many more…

Constipation can be a very painful problem that can lead to several other problems if not taken care of. Therefore, the best constipation treatment in Ludhiana at Union Superspeciality is practised with the help of our professional team, which puts their efforts and dedication into ensuring your good health. 

Risk Factors Of Constipation

All individuals, despite their ages, can experience constipation occasionally. However, there are certain risk factors that may contribute more to it. These factors include:

  • Age: Individuals with age above 65 are more likely to have constipation due to less activity and slower metabolism. 
  • Pregnancy: During the time of pregnancy or after childbirth, constipation can become a problem. This happens due to changes in the hormones. The foetus inside can squish your intestines, preventing the smooth flow of the stool.
  • Not consuming enough fibre.
  • Taking certain medications.
  • Having certain neurological or digestive diseases. 

Ignorance can cause a bigger problem; therefore, if you are experiencing constipation frequently, then it is ideal to consult a constipation treatment doctor in Punjab to find a solution for it. The services at Union Superspeciality Hospital will provide you with a high-quality treatment that will solve the problem from its core.  

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