Varicocele Treatment in Ludhiana

What Is Varicocele?

Varicocele is a condition characterised by the excessive growth of the veins inside the scrotum,  a loose skin bag containing testicles. These veins are responsible for carrying oxygen-depleted blood away from the testicles. The condition of Varicocele appears when the blood collects within the veins rather than efficiently circulating outside of the scrotum. 

Varicoceles generally appear during the phase of puberty, and with the passage of time, they keep developing. The condition may lead to some minor symptoms of pain or discomfort, but it usually does not present any symptoms. However, they may result in limited growth or poor development of testicles, low sperm production or some other issues leading towards infertility. Therefore, one of the most reliable healthcare facilities, Union Superspeciality Hospital, recommends you opt for a  Varicocele treatment in Ludhiana.

Union Superspeciality Hospital is known for its high-standard services that focus on providing the best treatment to patients with no compromise. The team at the hospital ensures absolute care for the patients so that they feel comfortable and calm.

Symptoms Of Varicocele

Varicocele usually develops on the left side of the scrotum and mostly does not present any signs or symptoms. However, You can contact a Varicocele treatment doctor in Punjab at Union Superspeciality Hospital if you notice some possible symptoms like:

  • Pain.
  • A mass in the scrotum
  • Differently sized testicles
  • Infertility
Causes Of Varicocele

The testicles in the scrotum receive blood rich with oxygen from two testicular arteries, each on both sides of the scrotum. Similarly, two other veins on both sides of the scrotum carry the deoxygenated blood away and out from the scrotum to the heart. Each side of the scrotum has a network of small veins called pampiniform plexus, which is responsible for carrying the deoxygenated blood from the testicles to the main testicular vein. The excessive growth or enlargement of the network of the veins leads to Varicocele. 

There may be many factors contributing to the condition, but the exact reason why the pool of blood gets collected in the veins, leading to its enlargement and resulting in Varicocele, is unknown. However, the best Varicocele treatment in Ludhiana is available at the best healthcare facility, Union Superspecialty Hospital. 

We aim to offer trustworthy and reliable services catered with utmost care to the patients to make the process of treatment for them as comfortable as possible. Our professional team members ensure a smooth communication flow with the patient to rule out any errors during the treatment.


Varicocele may not lead to intense pain or discomfort, but it can fairly result in the poor health of your testicles and also infertility. These complications take place as the condition can make it difficult for your body to balance the temperature in the testicles. 

It is essential to address these complications with Varicocele to prevent future problems, such as the inability to conceive due to infertility. Therefore, Union Superspeciality Hospital is here to help you through these issues by providing you with the best Varicocele treatment in Ludhiana.

The expert doctors at our healthcare facility conduct a thorough assessment of your body before concluding the result and provide absolute treatment with the best care. Union Super Speciality Hospital is one of the most trustworthy and credible healthcare facilities that aims to offer a high-quality service to patients with remarkable results.  

The hospital incorporates advanced technological tools and machines to meet the standard of modern medical requirements and to ensure error-free treatment. Our team of professionals achieve excellence by leveraging the skills and immense knowledge they have obtained throughout the years. The doctors at the facility are highly responsive and ensure a smooth flow of communication with the patients to address all their concerns and worries. Our quick response and efficient results for the Varicocele treatment in Ludhiana make us stand out from the rest. 

If you notice any signs of Varicocele, contact the Varicocele treatment doctor in Punjab at Union Superspeciality Hospital. You can reach us through our website or give us a call to book an appointment.

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