Face Lift Surgery in Ludhiana

A Simple Guide to Facelift Surgery

In the growing stage, our body changes according to age. Whether face, skin and other changes related to our body. When our face has little spots, we lose our confidence and feel discomfort. But our faces have signs of aging such as wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin etc. If you want to reduce the visible signs on your face, then you contact Union Super Speciality Hospital. 

Understanding facelift surgery

Facelift surgery is similar to a cosmetic procedure. This surgery helps to make you look young and attractive. This surgery makes your skin smooth on the cheeks and jawline. This surgery is also known as Rhytidectomy. It helps make your facial structure good. This surgery is used to fix things such as saggy skin, deep wrinkles and loose tissues. 

Facelift surgery does not only fix damaged skin. It also improves your look and the quality of your skin. If your face skin is damaged by sun exposure and you have visible spots, then you go to the Union Super Specialty Hospital and consult about face Lift Surgery in Punjab. Here, expert doctors diagnose and provide an effective solution.


Here are facelift surgical procedures to know how to expertly perform the surgery on your face. Procedure like


Before facelift surgery, a surgeon gives you an anesthesia injection. When they perform a surgical procedure on your face, you do not feel uncomfortable and pain-free.

Tiny cuts

After numbness, a surgeon creates a small cut where the cut scar is not visible easily. Often, surgeons make a cut on the hairline and behind the ears


When a surgeon cuts, they carefully lift and reposition the underlying facial tissues, which include muscles and fat. It helps to create a more youthful face skin.

Skin tightening

A surgeon also removes extra skin if you have one. After lifting the skin, they tighten. It helps to reduce sagging skin and deep wrinkles on your face. 


Those procedures are done, and the surgeon closes the cuts with sutures.

Why people choose facelift surgery

Looking younger

When you have facelift surgery, it helps to make your face look young and attractive. Using this treatment helps to reduce the face issue and improve the quality of the skin. This surgery gives a boost to your confidence and self-esteem. 

Long term solution

When you take facelift surgery for your face skin, it makes your skin smooth and brighter. It is also a long-term solution compared to non-surgical treatment.

Natural look

When you undergo facelift surgery by a skilled and experienced surgeon, after surgery, you get an effective result, like a natural look.

Combining treatment

Facelift surgery is combined with plastic surgery procedures such as eyelid and neck lifts.

Recovery and taking care

When you have facelift surgery, you need some time to recover so that you get an effective outcome.

Swelling and bruising

After surgery, you may suffer swelling and bruises. It heals on time. 


After surgery, your surgeon provides some medicine to relieve the pain. This medicine also helps with recovery. 


During recovery time, you do not do heavy activity. Taking more rest helps to recover surgical wounds

Follow instruction

After surgery, if you want an effective outcome, then you must follow the doctor’s instructions. If you suffer more pain and swelling, then you visit a doctor and discuss your concerns.

Face Lift Surgery Cost in ludhiana depends on the surgeon’s experience and surgical procedure. If you want to treat your face with experts, then you visit Union Super Specialty Hospital, where expert surgeons guide you through the procedure. 

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