Thigh Lift surgery in Ludhiana

Transforming your legs with confidence through thigh lift surgery

If you feel confident and comfortable in your skin, sometimes your thighs can be a source of concern. Whether it is due to weight loss, genetics or aging, extra skin on the thighs can make you self-conscious. If you are looking for thigh lift surgery to make your leg toned and contoured, then you visit Union Super Speciality Hospital for Thigh Lift Surgery in ludhiana. It is the best surgery to remove extra skin from your thighs and make it toned.

Thighplasty is known as thigh lift surgery. It is plastic surgery, which is used to remove extra skin from the thighs. It is a good solution for people who lose weight and have extra skin due to aging. This surgery offers you smoother and contoured thighs.

Why do people consider thigh lift surgery?
Extra skin
When you lose weight, then you have extra and loose skin on the thighs. Thigh lift surgery helps to remove the extra skin from the thighs. They make your thighs tone and look good.

Enhanced confidence

Some people feel comfortable and confident when they wear shorts, skirts and swimsuits after surgery.


Having extra skin on the thigh makes people feel uncomfortable and less confident taking thigh lift surgery. They regain confidence and are more comfortable with their skin.

Thigh lift surgery procedure


Before taking surgery, you can consult with a skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon about the surgery. A surgeon diagnoses your thighs and reviews your past medical records after they discuss your goal and explain the surgery procedure and risk


When you have surgery, a surgeon first injects anesthesia into your thighs so you do not feel pain and comfortable during the thigh lift procedure. 


A surgeon cuts the thigh fat area where the scar easily hides or is less visible, like the bikini line or the groin

Remove tissue and fat.

When surgeons make cuts carefully and remove extra fat and skin from the thighs and lift, the skin is tightened to make a smoother contour.


After removing extra fat and skin from the thighs, surgeons close the cut by using sutures.


After surgery, patients need some rest and time to heal wounds. After surgery, some patients suffer from swelling and bruises. But after some time, it heals. Most importantly, after surgery, you should follow all instructions and care. When you recover, you get effective results after surgery.

Risk for procedure

Adopting thigh lift surgery can bring excellent results, but surgery has a few risks, such as


When the surgeon cuts your skin to remove extra fat, the cut area gets infected, so they use multiple techniques to reduce the infection.


After surgery leaves a scar, the surgeon will try to make a cut for surgery, but sometimes it is not possible.

Swelling and bruising

After surgery, the patient has some swelling and bruises in the thigh, but after some time, it heals.

Acute pain

After surgery, you feel acute pain and discomfort. Then, the surgeon offers treatment to relieve the pain. 


After surgery, you feel numb, but after some time, this is normal. 

Wound slow healing

Sometimes, wounds do not heal completely, so your surgeon will monitor and offer care to recover the wound. 

Anesthesia risk

The medical term will choose the safest option for you during the surgery, but anesthesia has some side effects.

Unsatisfaction result

Sometimes, patients do not get satisfaction after surgery, so you need to discuss the surgery and goal so that you can get an effective result.

Thighplasty surgery is the best solution to get the contour of the thighs. If you are looking, then you contact Union Super Speciality Hospital to consult about the procedure and Thighplasty cost in punjab. 

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