Breast Augmentation in Ludhiana

Breast Augmentation Improves your Confidence

Breast augmentation is a famous cosmetic surgery. Breast augmentation surgery is used to enlarge the size and shape of a person’s chest. Breast augmentation is called breast enlargement, in a medical term known as augmentation mammoplasty. It is a surgical process created to increase breast size and shape. It helps to improve their appearance. If you want to enhance breast volume, consider Breast Augmentation in ludhiana at Union Super Speciality Hospital. Their experts offer surgery, and you get effective results after surgery. It helps to enhance your breast appearance and boost self-confidence.
When you decide to take breast augmentation surgery, you first consult with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. When you discuss the surgery goal, past medical records, etc., the surgeon will evaluate your breast anatomy and recommend suitable surgery.

Implant selection

When you and your surgeon decide between saline and silicone gel implants and find their shape and size before going to a surgical procedure, your surgeon will explain the benefits and risks after surgery.


Breast augmentation surgery takes one and two hours. Surgeons use these steps during the surgery, like


In the first step, surgeons inject the anesthesia. So that during the surgery, patients feel comfortable and pain-free. 


The surgeon will cut in one of three locations: under the breast, around the nipple and in the armpit. These cuts depend on patients’ needs and preferences.

Implant placement

Surgeons will implant the chosen breast either behind the breast tissue or under the chest muscles. This procedure depends on your breast anatomy and the patient’s requirements.

Closing the incision

After breast implants, surgeons use sutures to close the cuts


After surgery, you need enough time to recover. Patients have some complications after surgery, such as swelling, bruising, and discomfort. After a few days, I will recover those symptoms but fully get some time longer.

Risk after breast augmentation surgery


During surgery, surgeons use antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection. Surgical procedure developing an infection at the surgical site. 

Change in sensation

People feel a change in sensation in the breast and nipple area after surgery.


During surgery, surgeons cut for the procedure and leave the scars visible.

Pain and discomfort

After surgery, some patients feel discomfort and pain during the recovery time. 

Anesthesia reaction

Some people get bad effect of anesthesia, such as allergies, discomfort and other health conditions.

Breastfeeding challenges

Breast augmentation surgery may affect the breastfeeding ability. Before getting surgery, you can consult about the conditions.

Why do people consider breast augmentation?

Improve confidence

Many people take this surgery to build up their self-confidence. Breast augmentation surgery helps individuals who want to enhance breast size


Breast augmentation can help reconstruct their breast and also aid the emotional healing process. Those people who suffer from mastectomies

Improved proportion

Few people adopt breast augmentation surgery to make a more balanced and appropriate figure.

Breast Implants Surgery cost in punjab ​can vary widely depending on factors such as implant type, surgeon’s expertise and facility fees

Implant type

Saline is less expensive compared to silicone breast augmentation surgery.

surgeon‘s type

A well-experienced and skilled surgeon may charge higher fees for operating the surgery. 

Facility fees

Facility fees, which involves all surgical cost like anesthesia 

Additional cost

additional cost involves your medication, surgery garments and follow-up appointment, which may include the total expense.

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