Nose Correction Surgery in Ludhiana

Rhinoplasty is a Way to Enhance Your Nose in Simple terms.

Rhinoplasty surgery is a surgical process. It is like plastic surgery. This surgery is used for the Nose, which includes the shape, size or functions of the Nose. This surgery helps to resolve the breathing issues. It gives support to our appearance.

Understanding rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery in which a surgeon uses a surgical instrument to operate our Nose. This surgery helps to change nose positions, size, and shape and improve nose functions such as breathing problems and facial structure. This procedure is used for changing skin, cartilage and bone. This surgery helps to improve the ability to breathe. If you are suffering from breathing, then you go to the Union Super Speciality hospital and consult about your problem and Rhinoplasty surgery in ludhiana. 

The procedures

Before surgery, surgeons use anesthesia to numbness. So that during the surgery, patients do not feel discomfort and pain.


After anesthesia, surgeons make a cut inside the Nose or around the nose area. This cut relies on your needs.

Reshaping the Nose

After the incision step, the surgeon starts to reshape the Nose. Also, they perform on the bone and cartilage to adjust the nasal structure. This process helps enhance the ability of your breathing and improve your appearance. 


After shaping the Nose, the surgeon closes the incision carefully with sutures. 

Recovery and care

After surgery, a surgeon monitors the condition when you wake up from numbness. On the day, you can go home, but you must follow the doctor’s instructions. After surgery, some patients have swelling and bruises in the nose area. Doctors provide some medication to relieve this complication.


Taking this surgery can offer various benefits to you, such as helping to improve your nose appearance and make you look attractive. It helps to boost your self-confidence. Surgeons provide customized surgery so that you can achieve your desired goal. This surgery helps enhance the ability to breathe. But this surgery has some complications we can discuss below.



Infection can happen during the surgery and site. A surgeon uses different methods for surgery to reduce the risk of infection.

Swelling and bruising

After surgery, some patients have swelling and bruises. After some, they heal on time. If you feel discomfort in that situation, then you must visit the doctor who prescribed some medicine to relieve it. 

Bleeding and scarring

In some situations, minor bleeding can be managed. If excess flow, then it needs medical attention. This surgery leaves some visible scars.

Breathing problem

In some cases, patients suffer from breathing problems after surgery, so you can choose skilled and experienced surgeons. So that after surgery, you get an effective result.

Unsatisfied outcome.

Sometimes, after surgery, you do not get stratification. In that case, you can clearly discuss goals and concerns before the surgery. 


When you select a skilled and experienced surgeon for your surgery, then you get an effective result. If you want to improve your facial structure by reshaping your Nose, then you go to the Union Super Specialty Hospital. Here, expert surgeons offer treatment, but Nose correction surgery cost in Punjab depends on the type of surgery procedure.  

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