Arm Lift Surgery Cost in Ludhiana

A comprehensive guide for arm lift surgery procedure

Arm lift surgery is brachioplasty surgery in medical terms. This procedure is similar to cosmetic surgery. Arm lift surgery helps people who want a toned and slim arm. It helps to remove extra skin and fat from the arm by using surgery. Union Super Speciality Hospital provides this surgical procedure to make the arm look good. These articles provide information regarding arm lift surgery and its benefits. 

Arm lift surgery is a surgical process used to remove extra fat and skin from the arm. There are some reasons why individuals adopt the surgery, such as loose skin, upper arms, weight loss caused by aging, and genetics. After surgery, you can see your arm smooth and more contoured. If you have extra skin and loose skin in your arm, then you take  Arm Lift Surgery in punjab at Union Super Speciality Hospital.

When you have extra fat in your arm, then you want to slim your arm through the surgical process. First, you consult about the surgery with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon. They provide you with proper information about the surgery and benefits after taking the surgery. During the meeting, the surgeon asks about the goals and expectations so that you get an effective result after surgery.


a surgeon starts to operate before they inject the general anesthesia. So that patients feel comfortable and pain-free during the procedure.


After injecting anesthesia, surgeons make a cut on the inside and back of the arm so that they remove the arm fat. Surgeons used a modern technique to minimize visible scarring.

Remove extra tissue

When surgeons make a small cut in the back or inside the arm, the surgeon removes extra fat and skin from the arm and reshapes it. Lifting skin in the arm, they tightened the skin so that the patient achieved the desired contour.

Closing incision

After removing the extra tissue from the arm, the surgeon closes the cut with the help of sutures or surgical staples.


After surgery, the surgeon suggested to the patient to avoid tough activities for a few weeks and advised proper rest. After taking the surgery, patients get some complications, such as swelling and bruising, but it heals some time. If you are feeling acute pain and discomfort, then you visit Union Super Specialty Hospital, where doctors help to reduce the symptoms.

Benefits of arm lift surgery

There are some benefits after surgery

Improve appearance

After taking arm lift surgery, it helps to give more confidence and improve the arm tone.

Increased comfort

When your arm is extra fat and skinny, then you feel discomfort after arm lift surgery. You can wear any sleeve top comfortably

Long term solution

Getting arm lift surgery helps to make your arm toned. It is a long-term and quick solution. Surgical procedures help Remove extra fat from the arm.

Arm Lift Surgery Cost in ludhiana

 at Union Super Speciality Hospital can depend on multiple factors such as surgical fees, the expertise of the surgeon, and hospital facilities. 

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