Union Superspeciality Hospital Success Story: Handling Critical Accidental Cases Successfully

Union Superspeciality Hospital handles critical cases with attention and care to ensure success. Listen to the testimonial of our patient. In this video, our patient, Laxman Singh, who hails from Mullanpur, Punjab, explains his experience with our hospital and how he underwent mouth and shoulder surgery, which was done successfully. 

He got into an accident in which he got electrocuted from a high voltage of 11,000 volts. He immediately got unconscious. He, along with one other worker, got extremely injured. The mouth got badly injured in such a way that the bone on the face was visible as the upper skin burnt. He came to Union Superspeciality Hospital to get it treated.

His experience was amazing, and he is truly thankful to the doctor and highly recommends it to others. The doctor and staff took extreme care of him; they also showed tremendous support and treated him with love and respect. He is now fine and in perfect health. 

If you or someone you know has come across a similar accident or requires any other treatment, book your appointment with our experts today. Take a step closer to relief and a healthy life.

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