What would disqualify you from plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is popular for many reasons, such as reducing pain, discomfort, or body contouring. However, some people are not ideal candidates for plastic surgery due to risk factors, expectations, or underlying health conditions. It is important to schedule an appointment with the best Plastic Surgeon in Punjab to determine if you are an ideal candidate for a plastic surgery procedure. A plastic surgeon will discuss your medical history, surgical goals, and any complications that may arise during or after surgery.

Reasons to be disqualified for plastic surgery

It is important to determine which procedure is eligible for plastic surgery. In general, minimally invasive procedures, such as mole removal or scar revision, are safe for most men and women. However, more invasive plastic surgery procedures, such as breast augmentation, may be unsafe for people with certain medical conditions.

Plastic surgeons might disqualify you from surgery. Having the right goals for any plastic surgery procedure is important. If your plastic surgeon senses your unrealistic expectations for your surgical procedure, they may decline surgery.

Finally, unhealthy lifestyle habits like smoking, using drugs, or having a high body mass index may preclude surgery. It is recommended that you stop smoking and using drugs before having plastic surgery and that you have a BMI below 30.

A patient may be disqualified for plastic surgery for these five reasons.

  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Underlying health conditions
  • Previous surgical complications
  • Wanting surgery for the wrong reasons
  • Surgery conflicts with your desire for children

A plastic surgeon can explain your surgery options

The Plastic Surgery in Ludhiana at Union Super Speciality Hospital can explain your surgical options to you so that you will be prepared for the procedure without worrying about being disqualified. If you prepare properly, you will be able to pursue your desired aesthetic surgery intervention at the appropriate time.

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