Anesthetists provide anesthesia for operations and procedures, along with pain management and intensive care for patients. They are the largest group of doctors at Union Super Speciality Hospital. A postgraduate specialist training program of seven years in anesthesia, intensive care medicine, and pain management has been chosen for them. Subspecialist consultants practice surgery, pain management, or critical care.

Anesthesia for surgery

The role of our team is to meet with the patient and surgical team to determine the type of anesthetic that will be most suitable. This may happen on the day of surgery for straightforward operations, or in an anesthetic pre-assessment clinic for more complex surgery. During this process, routine checks and preparations are made for the specific patients on that day’s operating list.

The anesthetist administers an anesthetic tailored to the individual patient. He remains with them throughout the operation, monitoring and treating the effects of the anesthetic and surgery. They also develop a pain relief strategy to keep patients comfortable immediately after surgery. After the operation or procedure, the physician remains responsible for the patient in the recovery area. This is until the anesthetic effects wear off enough for the patient to return to their ward. It is possible for anesthetists in the pain service to continue to care for patients who receive complex pain relief on the ward. This is until pain relief is needed.

Other roles of the anesthetist

Best Anaesthesia Doctors in Ludhiana are trained in intensive care medicine and involved in resuscitation teams and training. Some doctors specialize in caring for specific types of pain, such as childbirth and long-term pain problems. They may also be present in other areas, such as imaging, scanning, endoscopy, and dental treatment. In these areas, they may be given a general anesthetic to ensure pain freeness.

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