What Are Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery And How Are They Different?

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Why is plastic surgery performed? 

It is performed to reconstruct any part of the body with the help of cosmetic surgeons and advanced medical technology. It is performed to correct specific diseases or defects and it’s not an option that an individual can make it preferred by experienced practitioners to get rid of burned skin with the help of plastic surgery

Types of plastic surgery: 

Reconstructive plastic surgery: 

surgeries that are performed to get rid of several health issues like tumours, infections, congenital defects, and a lot more. Before they get performed it is properly examined by a plastic surgeon. An experienced and well-practised plastic surgeon can help in performing the surgery with precise incisions and perfection. 

Cosmetic plastic Surgery: 

These types of surgeries like breast augmentation or mastectomy are types of surgery that are not a part of a treatment but need the supervision of a plastic surgeon and are mostly considered cosmetic plastic surgery. In case you have medical insurance these surgeries are not covered but a reconstructive surgery can be covered. 

Why are cosmetic surgeries performed?

These can be performed on any part of the body and are done to enhance the appearance performed by cosmetic surgeons. 

Types of surgeries called cosmetic surgeries are: 

Liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, Rhinoplasty all have different purposes for performing them that affect the appearance and help you in having a desired shape and also you can get rid of excessive fat with the help of liposuction, and tummy tuck. A lot of people who want to get a slim body opt for cosmetic surgery. 

Including plastic and cosmetic surgeries are critical and have after-effects and perks as well so it is a must to consult an experienced surgeon who does surgeries with minimal incisions in your body. 

Points you must keep in mind while finding a surgeon: 

  • Should be qualified and certified and well trained from a reputed institute. 
  • See the testimonial or prefer asking the past patient who has gone through these surgeries from their clinic. 
  • The surgeon must be a good communicator to be understanding and supportive throughout the procedure. 


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