Do you need an ENT doctor during Rhinoplasty or not? Procedures included in Nose Surgery. 

ENT surgeons also perform nose surgery, but the most important thing is to understand which type of doctor or surgeon can give you the best results. Rhinoplasty is a major surgery and needs expertise. One must be certified to perform the surgery with mastery in this field, as nose transformation can impact a person’s mental and physical aspects. 

Only a person with a specialty in this field can perform the surgeries. 

Duties performed by an ENT surgeon? 

ENT doctors are also known as Otolaryngologists who treat the issues related to ears, nose, and throat. And areas around it sometimes have neck and head cancer that they also treat, and ENT doctors are considered the oldest specialist doctors. A good Otolaryngologist must have team building and teamwork skills because they always work with a team and should know how to coordinate with a group. 

They are considered the best doctors who have a piece of deep knowledge of human anatomy, and they also have a great sense of facial appearance. They are trained and practised in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. To correct the deformities you choose, an ENT surgeon is the best option.  

Who do we call a Cosmetic surgeon? 

Cosmetic Surgeons are the one who performs surgeries to a plastic surgeon to repair, reconstruct, or restore the shape of the nose and help in the smooth functioning of damaged body parts caused by accidents, traumas, cancer, or congenital issues with the help of a specified Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag that is Rhinoplasty. 

It enhances functioning and appearance at the same time. It is a surgery performed with advanced medical equipment and techniques as this is a comprehensive surgery. 


It is also known as a nose job in which the nose gets reshaped to improve the functioning of the nose, which includes breathing and nasal functions. This surgery falls under cosmetic surgery and can be performed by a trained plastic surgeon, and with utmost perfection.

Which conditions can be corrected by Rhinoplasty? 

  • If someone has a congenital disability, to correct it, you need your nose job done. 
  • It helps solve the Deviated Septum issue, also known as nasal passages. 
  • Due to accidents, when your nose gets broken, then you require nose surgery to get your appearance restored.  
  • Rhinoplasty is mostly performed To get rid of burns and injuries.

Who is ready for Rhinoplasty?

  • Must have good physical health. 
  • The person should not smoke. 
  • Must have a clear mindset about the surgery 
  • The surgery is only performed with an individual’s consent before the procedure.  


So if you also want to get your nose job done by experts, then you must visit us as we will also provide the diagnosis and consultation from experts before the surgery and promise to provide medical assistance until you complete recovery. 

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