A Comprehensive Guide For The Reasons For Ear Pain And Its Remedy

A large number of people suffer from ear pain. It is mostly common in children, although adults also suffer from ear pain quite often. Ear pain makes one very uncomfortable; if you are also suffering from such pain, you can consult the Best ENT Doctor in Ludhiana.

Taking over-the-counter medicine for ear pain sometimes manages to decrease the more apparent ear pain, but it cannot cure the infections in the inner ear. In these cases, you must visit an ENT doctor; otherwise, the condition can worsen.

Sometimes a patient suffers from deformity of the ear due to either accidents or some kind of disease. They might feel the need to have a reconstruction of the ear done surgically; you can find the Best Plastic Surgery in Ludhiana to get the best reconstruction done in no time at affordable prices.


There are various reasons why you can have ear pain; some of them are:

a)Ear wax- Accumulation of excess ear wax can lead to ear pain. People with oily skin can get more ear wax; removing ear wax is not permanent; it gets accumulated again. When the ear wax is not cleaned for some time, it dries, blocking the ear canal and causing pain and discomfort. Also, your hearing is affected.

b)Eardrum is injured- If the eardrum is injured due to any cause, it will lead to the accumulation of pus in the ear. This will cause pain and discomfort in the ear. 

c)Blockade in the eustachian tube- The ear is connected to the throat and nose via tubes. If this tube is blocked, then pus will accumulate in the ear, which can cause ear pain. This can turn into a bigger problem if not properly treated.

d)Infection in the sinus glands- Our ear is connected to the throat, so if our sinus gland is infected, then this can lead to pain in our ear. 

e)Ear barotrauma- It is a condition that is caused by the pressure difference between the inside of the ear and the outside; it usually happens during scuba diving, sky diving, and traveling in an airplane. This causes pain in the ear.


There are many home remedies that are found to be very effective against ear pain. But you must consult an authorised doctor before using any of these remedies;

a)Mustard oil- It is found that regular application of a few drops of mustard oil in the ear can prevent the accumulation of earwax.

b)Basil leaves- If you are having ear pain, you can strain the juice of a few basil leaves and pour in the aching ear.

c)Garlic- You can grind the garlic and strain its juice and then boil it until it turns black; when cooled, you can add this to the affected ear.

d)Olive oil- Few drops of warm olive oil can be poured into the aching ear to relieve pain.

e)Onion juice- Warm onion juice can be poured into the aching ear to relieve ear pain.


If you are having ear pain, then you must visit an authorized ENT expert to consult at Union Superspeciality Hospital to get a proper diagnosis and adequate care.

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